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Good day, everyone. My name is Jason White.

Welcome to our PTSD1REN (PTSD First Responders Extended Network) website. A little about myself: I have been with Federal Corrections for 13 years and currently volunteer for Boots on The Ground as a Peer Support. I have seen first-hand how PTSD affects my co-workers and friends in different first responder careers. I figured why not have fun in a positive to bring awareness and support to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with First Responders and their extended network.
I hope and dream that you and many others will help our tournament grow each year by playing, getting people to enter teams, reaching out to your communities to donate prizes, sponsor holes or corporately sponsor the tournament. Every bit counts and goes a long way in helping PTSD1REN support BOTG with their goals and initiatives in support of First Responders. 

First Responders work daily to do their part for a better and safer community. It is time to show them that we are here to support them and that stigma should not hinder their physical and mental health.
On July 13, 2019, we successfully had our first annual PTSD Golf Tournament for First Responders and Extended Network, with proceeds going to The Canadian Mental Health Association. We aim to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it affects First Responders and their extended network of associates and support.


Our funding sources at this time come from Corporate sponsorship, hole sponsorships from local companies, and cash donations from individuals and teams/individuals registering for the tournament. 

In 2020, we partnered with Boots on the Ground to help grow the tournament. In return, all proceeds will support BOTG services and initiatives supporting first responders suffering from PTSD.

Image by Jackson David
Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime?  Or that some Canadians are at a higher risk of experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in their lifetime, including first responders? 


Our mission is to support our First Responders' families, assisting them to maintain healthy mental health and physical health through services provided by mental health organizations/associations. This is accomplished through working with community partners to bring awareness, education and financial support to services available. Everyone has the right to a healthy, stable mind and to be happy in life.


Golf is a game of relaxation, focus and a positive environment to participate in and structured as a great way to have fun and raise money. Golf is widely used throughout North America as a tool for PTSD with Military Vets coping with mental and physical health issues. It helps break down barriers, gain confidence and strengthen focus in a positive atmosphere. Golf is as much of a mental game as a physical one. Psychologists have stated that golf assists with developing mental strength, redirection of focus and confidence in physical and mental abilities.

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